About Our Programs


We believe that women with criminal justice histories are capable of achieving their dreams.

Our students aren’t high-risk.

They’re high-potential.

At CCF, we help women with criminal justice histories reach the goals and dreams they had for themselves before they were ever involved with the criminal justice system. Through our 19-year-old Academic Support Program, we’ve helped hundreds of women earn their college degrees, including dozens of Master’s degrees, a PhD, JD, and MBA.

CCF provides a sisterhood of women all working toward similar goals. At our monthly community meetings and workshops on topics like self-care, financial education, knowing your rights, and more, you can learn how to share resources within our community to make everyone stronger.

We work with you from intake to graduation and beyond, providing academic, career, and financial counseling.  If there’s ever anything we can’t help you with in-house, we’ll find a way to connect you to the resources you need.

Stay tuned for information about two new programs launching in 2019 - our Career Advancement Program and Peer Mentoring Program.

To learn more about eligibility, contact Anna giannicchi for a brief phone screening at 646 -380-7782.

Your past does not define you.

We can help you transform your life and reshape your future.