Resources for CCF Students & Alumnae

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We support students in their pursuit of higher education by providing the following financial supports: scholarships, assistance with books, schools supplies, and transportation. We also provide emergency funding to students who are experiencing one major barrier to enrolling in school. Financial support is open to CCF Future Fellows and Fellows who are enrolled in school, but interested applicants should check the qualifying criteria for each support offered. For more information and to apply, please click the links below.

Academic Support Scholarships ($675)
Our traditional scholarships offered to help with school costs.

Book Assistance (Up to $200)
CCF will purchase up to $200 of books for you for the semester. CCF no longer rents books. All book requests will be purchases. Students who have rented or purchased their books prior to their certification meeting date will be reimbursed up to $200.

Transportation Assistance (Monthly Metrocards)
Three monthly metro cards to assist students who are enrolled in school with commuting costs for school, work, referrals and to attend CCF activities.

CCF will cover the costs ($25/hour) for 20 hours of tutoring for the semester on the subject that you are struggling with. Students who have been awarded this support for more than two semesters, will no longer be eligible for the award. Funding is limited and the opportunity shall be available to students in need of tutoring who have not previously been awarded this support.

School Supplies ($300)
CCF will purchase school supplies including laptops, tablets or netbooks.

Emergency Fund Request (Up to $800)
Onetime assistance to help pay off a debt that is directly related to your ability to enroll or stay in school. Please read eligibility criteria on the application form.

You can join CCF at any time - we take in new students on a rolling basis. To learn more, call Anna Giannicchi at (646) 380-7782.