Academic Support Program

Our Academic Support Program is for women who have had contact with the criminal justice system within the last ten years. Whether you’re already in college and need more support, or want to explore the possibility of college for the first time, we’re here to help.

The best part about our program? Community support. Women in our programs share resources and experiences and help each other on their journeys to success.

To see which part of our program is right for you, read more below.

To find out if you’re eligible,

contact Jacqueline Thompson at (646) 380-7770.

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Community Sisters

Our Community Sisters Program is for women who want to go to college but aren’t ready yet.

We help with referrals for things like legal assistance and mental healthcare, and we offer financial assistance to pay back old debts to college. We’ll help make sure that when you apply to college, you’re in a position to really succeed.


Academic Support Program

Our Academic Support Program works with students to apply to, enroll in, and succeed in college.

We offer assistance with college and financial aid applications, one-on-one academic counseling and financial coaching (including credit and debt repair), and financial assistance for school supplies, books, tutoring, computers, and more.


Career Enhancement Education Program

Our Career Enhancement Education Program is for women at any stage of their college career who want to earn a high-quality career certification to become more employable.

We support women earning certifications in the areas of business, health, and law.